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  • It’s so nice to get oiled and relaxed with aroma and mild music.
    Especially the guy who deals with me has so powerful that I can totally be relaxed.

  • With a very active lifestyle of Surfing and fitness routine I went for my first time to Asana Spa for a full body massage. After the 90 minutes the staff was very helpful to eliminate the tension and stress on my back and leg areas.

    The head massage really helps to sooth stress and takes you to a relax frame of mind when you leave. Thank you Asana Spa.

  • Very nice spa – very clean, friendly
    It was a nice experience for us – they did a great job – we would come again

  • Feels very Good and relax here,
    Especially compared with the spa place in the main street, it is a better place to go.

  • Terimakasih asana, membuat hariku lebih rileks
    Makasi MBA febri massagenya enaaaakkkk
    Date lag I pokoknya

  • Pijitannya enaaaaakk..Jd balik lagiih kesiniih 😀

  • Nice spa ,Good located and resonpible price ‘highly recommended indeed

  • If you want to relax and give yourself time to recover from being under the sun for too long, you should pamper yourself at the Asana Spa. Service is excellent, people are nice and warm. The background music is very relaxing. Definitely a great way to unwind. Thumbs up! Thank you for taking care of me :-)

  • Feels very Nice and relax here.

  • I use their service and after taking their service seriously i feel very relax also i am very happy.

  • Great spa and excellent customer service. If you want to get an amazing relaxing spa this is the place to go.

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